Enhancing the beauty of flowers with artistic arrangement is the art of flower arrangements. Flower arrangements are an important part of the ambience on any occasion, weddings, birthdays, parties or any other events in life.

From anniversaries to birthday parties, floral arrangements full of fresh, beautiful flowers are the perfect complement. Types of Flower Arrangements

• Floral Bouquets:
Floral bouquets are simple and easier to assemble than a formal flower arrangement. Bouquets made of roses are the most popular, followed by carnations, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums.

• Table Centerpieces:
Centerpieces are nothing but the normal floral arrangements, designed to be placed on tables when dinners are hosted on such occasions like Thanksgiving day, Christmas, etc. You can convey a theme for the occasion using a memorabilia or traditional decorations. The buffet table lends itself to an elaborate still life of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

• Floral Baskets:
Floral baskets are flower arrangements done in baskets of varied depths. Flowers for the floral baskets should therefore be chosen on the basis of the depth of the basket. They are very popular as gifts on special occasions like Christmas, Mother's day, etc. Cornucopia is a horn-shaped wicker basket typically filled with various kinds of festive fruits and vegetables, which is very popular as a gift on Thanksgiving day.

• Floral Wreaths:
A floral arrangement in the form of a circular garland, usually woven of flowers and foliage, that traditionally indicates honor or celebration. Wreaths are especially very popular on funerals as a symbol of honoring the deceased. Besides, they are also very much used on occasions like Thanksgiving day and Christmas to welcome the guests as welcome wreaths when dinners are hosted.